CLOWNING WORKSHOP WITH JOHN WRIGHTSat 22nd and Sun 23rd October 2016

Come and play at John Wright's 'Who Let You in Here?' clowning workshops and get in the zone for all the upcoming
street work between October and December...

 "Clowning is empowering. Contrary to popular opinion,
Clowning isn't about finding a character and it isn't about wit
or cleverness either.

Being a Clown is the direct opposite of being a stand up comedian. Clowning was originally a form of street entertainment.

Clowning is about playfulness. In fact clowning is the key to playfulness because clowning is about being laughed at. It’s the art of exploiting your own stupidity and your own ignorance.

The essential question is: What's funny about me? And it's a skill that demands a strong complicity with yourself. The idea is to feel comfortable and at ease with yourself to the point where stupidity turns into daring, ignorance becomes fun and we all marvel at your ability to do what you do.

Clowns play with anything, anywhere and on any occasion. This is a participatory workshop designed to give you space to learn all these things".

 John Wright 2016


Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd October 2016

10:30am to 5:30pm (both days)
Venue in Norwich to be confirmed

There will be 30 places available.  Priority will be given to those who can do both days.

There will be a £15 charge for anyone who wants to do it. 

This means The Common Lot are subsidising to the tune of around 50% of the cost.

Sign me up, I'd like to come and clown around

The Common Lot AGM – Minutes

September 21st 2016

Xav, Ellen, Tom, Ken, Greg, Marie, Will, Jo, Max, Vic, Dan, Eileen, Siobhan, Avril, Duncan, Bev, Rosemary, Floyd, Molly, Andy, Ann,  Julia

Apologies from: 
Owen, Sue, Nicki, Eddie, Dave, Amanda, Ruth G, Ruth B, Kevin


Floyd welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced those who had not been before.
Vic presented the accounts and they were agreed and ‘signed off’ by the meeting.

Year’s report

Floyd invited everyone to comment on their experience (s) of the year and began by saying that he felt it had been a really successful 12 months with various projects especially the Midsummer Night’s Dream experience, the great success of Ketts and the fact that we are now a bigger group and have some money in the bank for future projects.

A number of people commented on their own very positive experiences especially Vic, Dan , Ken, Duncan, Tom, Xav and Avril and all said that they were looking forward to the next ‘project’. Several people wondered what had become of the video footage of Kett’s.

ACTION POINT: Ellen to get in touch with the film maker and Duncan to ask Paul Thompson about footage which could potentially be put on the website.

The meeting discussed the principle of ‘free’ theatre which had been brought up at the steering committee. It was agreed that would have a principle of providing free theatre wherever possible (whilst also remaining sustainable). We agreed that we should seek to gain income primarily through voluntary donations and other means rather than ticket prices, we want theatre to be accessible to all and to be given and received in a spirit of love.


Marie has agreed to take on the responsibility of communications and has set up the newsletter (we are all very grateful to Marie and several people commented on what a professional job she has done) she is also going to be doing some work on the website and the Facebook page
ACTION POINT: please pass on e mail addresses to Marie and Marie to talk to Dan about analysis of the website and Facebook page.

Steering Group

Simon proposed a constitution change to expand the steering group to up to 11 people. The current steering group is: Floyd, Nicky, Amanda, Eileen, Greg, Vic, Duncan, Marie and Siobhan. The steering group is open to anyone else who would like to get involved.
The steering group will look at any proposals from members for future projects in the first instance.
On Tom’s suggestion we agreed a change to the constitution that if The Common Lot were to disband any monies would be distributed to other local arts organisations – agreed.

Crude Apache would like to borrow £1000 to help fund Richard III, this would be paid back at the end of the run and Simon suggested that we negotiate some complimentary tickets to the show in return for the loan- agreed
Floyd read the vision statement.
ACTION POINT: Steering group to agree dates for future meetings and publicise these dates.

Future Plans

RSC open stages- this is an ongoing relationship with the RSC, there are still some places left on Sunday’s workshop and Duncan and Floyd have the details for anyone wanting to get in touch with stage 2.
Pride Project – Duncan is looking to develop a piece of theatre out of L140, this was a project which asked LGBT people to tell their coming out stories in 140 characters. Initially there will be a series of 4 exploratory workshops open to all, possibly leading to something in February which is LGBT history month. Details of the workshops will be in the Newsletter.

John Wright clown workshop – please see the newsletter for details and sign up form. The dates for this are October 22nd and 23rd – venue to be confirmed.

ACTION POINT: Floyd to co ordinate with Marie on the list of participants, Duncan to talk to Stage 2 and Dan to talk to City College about possible venues

Halloween – Halloween workshops will be on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 26th October with the parade on Monday 31st (please see newsletter for details)
ACTION POINT: find the make up – WHO HAS IT?

Lights Up! – sketch show at Sheringham on 11th and 12th November, Floyd will do a call out but interest already shown by Vic, Molly, Xav, Marie, Tom, Greg, Harriet and Dan.

Punk Carols- rehearsals for Punk carols on Wed 23rd November, Tuesday 29th November, Sunday 4th December with performances around Norwich leading up to Christmas.

Strangers in Norwich – initial meeting to take place on October 2nd with Simon, Eileen and Siobhan. Interest expressed by Duncan, Xav, Julia, Max and Ken and Harriet in getting involved in the writing of this. Please contact Siobhan if you think you would like to develop/ write for this idea.

There was no AOB.
Meeting closed at 9.30pm