1549 Audience Responses

"It was an amazing and moving performance.
Well done to the fantastic writers and cast!"

"Loved it! Well done all and loved the singing"

"Brilliant. Just what I needed yesterday. Thank you, you common lot."

"Saw a superb Kett's rebellion tonight by The Common Lot with more performances to come - so do try and see it."

"It was an antidote to the rest of the day, but far more than that. We can be proud that Norwich was convincingly remain and that we do have a radical tradition here from Kett to Jacobin clubs, and Norfolk was Thomas Paine's birthplace, though it doesn't feel like much consolation at the moment" - P Harley

"Watched 1549 last night (perfect weather!) in the Castle Gardens (it was good to see the Whiffler Theatre in use again!) and was highly entertained. An intelligent and funny script, catchy songs, and the enthusiasm of the cast made it a great evening - thank you!"

"Fantastic evening!! Will be going again "

"Ok Norwich folk. Go see this its bloody amazing. I shall be going again probably more than once!!"

"It was a brilliant show. Our 15 and 16 year old both loved it too. Even with us sat on wet grass getting soaked through the time flew by. Thanks again"

"Really enjoyed watching this afternoon's performance at
Cow tower a really big thank you to you all. Sterling job. I brought my 90 year old mother to see it as she was interested in the things I have been up to and she had nothing but good things to say about it.
Even a little rain did not dampen your performance and most of the audience were so glued to their seats it did not put them off either.
Big round of applause to you all for a great show." - Mark Holden

"Thanks for a lovely performance - despite the rain at the end. I would recommend people to watch this too. Can we please have more summer outdoor plays in Norwich next summer too ?"

"This was absolutely brilliant. Funny in the right places. Chokingly moving in the right places. Big round of applause all round x"

"Jane & myself headed to Norwich to visit some art galleries but instead were pleasantly side-tracked as we stumbled across an open air theatre production, in the grounds of Norwich Castle, of 1549: the Story of Ketts Rebellion – an excellent musical drama by The Common Lot theatre group about a bloody event in Norfolk history that took place during July and August of 1549. The location was also poignant as the castle walls are the very same ones Robert Kett was hanged from after the rebellion was quashed.
Despite the grim subject-matter, the play contained plenty of humour, including contemporary political references to Brexit, referendums and the Bullingdon Club, as well as a lot of Norwich in-jokes – laments about bearded hipsters taking over The Lanes and serving gluten-free pasties on slates and tea in jam-jars, and the fact the Norwich & Norfolk Festival celebrates culture in Norfolk by bringing in Russian circus troupes. There was also a huge laugh when the top-hatted villain asked how did Norwich ever get to be a UNESCO City of Literature when it let its library burn to the ground? (And, yes, there were also plenty of jibes at the fate of the Norwich football team.)"

"A fantastic afternoon at Cow Tower yesterday: a great set, brilliant ensemble cast, and some devilishly good individual performances. Get yourselves along to one of the shows!"

"Lost for words how awesome you all were today at The Whiffler Theatre. Got rather moist with laughter, tears and rain! But we were not for moving it just added to the riotous experience!"

"The show of the year I reckon!"

"The play [is] so horribly relevant to today’s world. The poignancy has reduced me to tears…[the play is] so powerful, so cogent, so moving and also so incredibly funny…a huge achievement and stands up for itself for justice and equality."